About Us

We are Sebastian and Dr. Holly Waite, proud owners of Set Apart Farm & Gardens and Set Apart Health. We are located in Fountain inn, South Carolina. As natural health professionals, we stumbled upon our 100% chemical-free nursery almost by accident. Our chiropractic family wellness center, Set Apart Health, has been in operation for over 9 years, where Dr. Holly focuses on family wellness, including pediatric and prenatal care. Sebastian, on the other hand, oversees the functional medicine side of the business as well as manages many of the administrative tasks of the businesses. 

Our passion for natural health has always included a love for gardening. Dr. Holly Waite, affectionately known as "Dr. Holly" at Set Apart Health, grew up on a 200+-acre beef farm in Wisconsin, making her a farm girl at heart. She loves being outside, working in the garden, tending to the chickens, and spending time with family. She takes pride in nurturing our plants, making sure they receive natural fertilizers and lots of love. Meanwhile, Sebastian enjoys people and overseeing administrative tasks, while also studying and getting to know everything about each plant. He loves being outside, building and designing landscapes, and planting plants.

Our nursery started accidentally over 5 years ago when we grew an excessive amount of plants to sell at Set Apart Health. These local plant sales only grew larger and larger, and during the pandemic, we had to turn them into an online business, which then became our full-time online nursery. We now carry a wide variety of plants, including Proven Winners annuals (shipping) & perennials (local sales only). Though we understand that Proven Winners plugs may have been grown with some chemical fertilizer usage, we only use chemical-free fertilizers upon receiving them, and we use Organic Espoma products for the entire nursery as well as our garden.

At Set Apart Farm & Gardens, we believe that natural health and mindset extend to the plants we grow. As such, we pride ourselves in being a chemical-free nursery. Thank you for your support and business, and we look forward to gardening with you.
Blessings, Sebastian & Dr. Holly


Our Chemical-Free Online Nursery


We are an Online Nursery located in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. We carry Proven Winners Annuals & Perennials as well as 100% Chemical Free Veggie plants, Herb plants, and Cut Flower Plants that we grow at our nursery. We are a grower/retailer which means we grow a lot of our plants either from seed or from plugs. You can shop plants for shipping on this page, but if you are local to us and would like to schedule a pickup or delivery, SHOP HERE.


Our Youtube Channel

Check out our Youtube Channel! We share weekly videos on gardening, healthy recipes from our harvests, and DIY farm life and nursery behind the scenes. We always have a project going on, and we love sharing those with you guys. Our Youtube Channel