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Help Center

We Ship to 48 Continental States! After you have added your plants of choice to your cart, you will automatically see any coupons we're currently offering apply to your cart. Make sure to take advantage of those coupons during our pre-order sale since they will be our best prices of the year. 

We will not ship plants if the dates are before the frost date in your zone because they may freeze in transit. Be sure to choose a date that is after your last frost date. The date that you choose is not the exact date or week when we will ship the plants to you. We will ship the plants either the week you choose or the following week depending on order volumes at the time and weather. You will be receiving your order either via Fedex or UPS. Your order will ship the week of if not the following week of your date that you choose. You will get a notification once the order has been shipped along with tracking information. Orders typically take 2-4 days to receive. We only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to ensure plants aren't sitting in the boxes at the warehouses over the weekends.

Your plants will be about 12 weeks old by the time you receive them which means you will be receiving a well established plant. In terms of the size it's difficult to say because we do pinch blooms and trim plants often to encourage branching as well as sometimes they get so big we can't even fit them in a box to ship them to you. The plants are fully rooted and ready to go in the ground or a container. While the beauty of the plant is always important, we always focus on making sure we ship a plant that has a very healthy root system.Will my plants be in bloom when I get them? 

Yes & no! It depends on the size of the plant. Sometimes we have to forfeit blooms and trim the plants to fit them in the boxes or sometimes we ship plants after we trim because we are encouraging branching. Most home gardeners don't know to trim some of their plants to allow bushy growth, so we make sure to do so so that our customers get a well branched, lush plant. 

If your plants come in very damaged from shipping, please contact us at to get things straightened out. Sometimes we may need to file a claim if it's the shipping provider's fault, but we will do our best to get everything straightened out to you! :) We are shipping live plants and there's always a risk involved in regards to how you may receive the plants. The plants leave our nursery in perfect condition and sometimes they go through a tough time during shipping. That's just how it goes. We will do our best to help resolve the issue however we can. Do know that it can take us 48-72 hours to reply back to you since we are a small team. 

We guarantee our plants in that when they leave our greenhouse they will be in perfect condition. We cannot guarantee after they are in the hands of the shipping providers because that's not something that is in our control. Always be sure to take photos of your plants if they come severely damaged and we can see how we can help. 

The plants that we grow come in in the form of plugs from Four Star Nursery. Sometimes they use pesticides that last about 24 hours, but we know the pesticides they use do not contain any Neonicotinoids. Once we receive the plants, however, we do not use any chemical fertilizers or even soil that has any chemicals in it. We only use natural means to pest diseases as well as natural amendments just like we would in our veggie gardens or anywhere else. We do not personally like handling chemicals or breathing that in or even coming in contact with them, so we choose to not use any and we use many natural amendments to solve any issues we may come upon during our time growing the plants.