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Power Planter Augers

Bulb Planting Auger & Bedding Plant Tool (3" x 7")

Bulb Planting Auger & Bedding Plant Tool (3" x 7")

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This bulb auger is available in multiple colors and it's compatible with all standard chucked drills (drill sold separately).

Your Go-To Bulb Planting Auger for a Lush Garden

DIY gardeners can now give their plants better root-to-soil contact and reduce plant loss easily when digging perfect holes efficiently with this bulb digger tool.

The auger for planting bulbs measures 3 inches in diameter by 7 inches long. Thoughtfully designed to leave a small amount of loose soil in the bottom of the hole, this bulb digger ensures your new plants have the ideal environment to get a head start in growth.

A Versatile Auger for Planting Bulbs and All Your Projects

Our bulb planting auger is not just a gardening asset. It is a versatile tool that can handle various tasks around your home. Whether you’re mixing gallons of paint, blending mortar, or stirring fertilizer, the auger is up to the task.

Looking for a drill to pair with your new bulb planting auger? Check out our selection of drills & drill bundles.

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