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Power Planter Augers

DIY Guru Auger (3" x 12")

DIY Guru Auger (3" x 12")

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This versatile 3-inch auger is compact yet powerful, letting you confidently tackle a wide range of garden tasks, transforming how you dig, plant, and mix materials for your various projects. Now available in a selection of striking colors - black, pink, lime, and purple - you can add a touch of style to your DIY auger. 

Get The Perfect Auger For All Projects

Discover the ultimate multi-purpose tool that will revolutionize your home projects: the DIY Guru Handheld Auger. This gem of a DIY auger is perfect for tackling those everyday tasks around the house, from planting bulbs or 3 to 4-inch bedding plants to mixing fertilizer and soil amendments. The handheld auger’s lightweight design and remarkable flexibility allow you to effortlessly manage countless other jobs, solidifying its position as your go-to tool.

The DIY Guru Auger measures 3 inches in diameter by 12 inches long. It has been designed to leave a small amount of loose soil in the bottom of the hole when digging to help a new plant to start growing. The garden drill auger features rugged, 10-gauge flighting, a 3/8-inch non-slip hex drive, and it is painted a glossy black enamel. It also includes a 5/8-inch center shaft made completely from solid steel.

Compatible with most cordless drills, the garden drill auger is incredibly user-friendly. Simply tighten the drill chuck to secure the auger, and you're all set to dig. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and versatility of the DIY Guru Handheld Auger, and start checking off those boxes on your to-do list.

This product will fit ⅜-in or ½-in drills. Need a drill for your new auger? Check out our selection of Drills and Drill Bundles.

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