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Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger (7" x 28")

Gallon Pot & Post Hole Auger (7" x 28")

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Designed and built to handle all of your planting and fencing needs, this high-performance auger hole digger excels at drilling impeccable holes and withstanding the toughest conditions. With this auger, you're equipped to tackle any landscaping project with confidence and ease, experiencing unmatched power and performance that elevates your outdoor projects.

The Perfect Auger for Digging Post & Gallon Pot Holes

The gallon pot & post hole auger measures 28 inches long and has a 7-inch diameter. It features a 1.25-inch shaft made from 100% steel and double 10-gauge flighting, giving it more than enough strength and durability to withstand tough jobs in the dirt, while digging twice in a single rotation of the auger, making it twice as efficient as the competition.

We recommend using a minimum 40V cordless drill with this 7-inch auger – but you can also use a Stihl BT45 in conjunction with our threaded adapter. Look no further for a drill for your new auger. Our 60v drill bundle provides the power you need PLUS a battery and box – available only from Power Planter!

Our Gallon Pot & Post Hole Augers Are Powerful and Versatile

Heavy Duty is the most rugged and versatile option for the gallon pot & post hole auger. Use the dropdown menu above to choose the “Heavy Duty – Clay, Rocky, or Professional Use” option. The heavy-duty digging tip is a replaceable auger tip that will help you tackle the most challenging digging tasks without damaging the main auger. The leading portion of the digging tip has replaceable auger blades (included with purchase). With the heavy-duty version of the gallon & post hole auger, you can complete tasks that would put other tools into early retirement.

About Heavy-Duty Drives

The gallon pot & post hole auger is one of our Heavy Duty drive augers that can fit various drills or powerheads. It will fit any 1/2-inch drill chuck – or larger drill chucks – with the use of the hex adapter included with this purchase. In addition, the post hole auger bit will fit a Stihl BT45 power unit with a threaded end when purchased with a threaded adapter (sold separately). Our adaptable tube drive augers feature 2 holes with pins for mounting and will fit auger powerheads with a 3/4-inch shaft. Additionally, our Quick Attach Auger Adapter is designed for seamless auger performance with any drill with a 7/16″ Quick Attach Chuck. This is a smart option for professional landscaping businesses that need to switch between drills and powerheads throughout the day.

Need a drill for your new auger? Check out our selection of Drills and Drill Bundles.

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