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Proven Winners Leafjoy Littles Cute as a Button™ Button Fern

Proven Winners Leafjoy Littles Cute as a Button™ Button Fern

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This adorably compact fern is a dwarf variety of the common boston fern, and it is truly ‘Cute as a Button!’ It has bright, light green coloration, and when crushed, its petite leaves give off the faint scent of lemon. Its small stature and easy-to-care for nature makes it the perfect addition for adding a pop of brightness to your kitchen, bathroom, office, or other northern exposure.

Adaptable As Houseplant
Foliage Interest
Harmful To: 


Plant Type: 
Height Category: 
 8 - 12 Inches 20cm - 30cm
Foliage Colors: 
Foliage Shade: 
 Light Green
Container Role: 


Light Requirement: 


Low - No direct sun, not near a window. Medium - Medium bright indirect light in the AM or PM, typically from an east or west window. High - Bright direct or indirect light for much of the day, typically from a south window.

Maintenance Category: 
Preferred Temperature: 
 60 - 85 °F
Water Category: 
Humidity Preference: 
Container Soil Type: 
 Indoor Potting Mix

 Humid Spaces

 Low Light Spaces

 North Facing Windows
Uses Notes: 

Not for animal or human consumption.

Maintenance Notes: 
  • For optimal performance, keep your Fern at 60-85°F (15-29°C). 
  • Ferns thrive in medium to bright indirect light. Placing them near an eastern- or northern-facing window, that does not get any midday direct sunlight, would be ideal.  
  • Ferns prefer high humidity to prevent their edges from turning brown. Cold drafts and forced air can also lead to browning tips and edges. You can supplement their humidity with a humidifier, regular misting, or by placing them on a pebble tray with water. 
  • Ferns prefer moist, but not soggy soil. Be sure to water when the top inch of soil feels dry. Ensure good drainage and do not allow your Fern to sit in water for extended periods of time, after it has received a good soaking. 
  • Feed your Fern once per month at half strength when it is actively growing. Reduce frequency of fertilization in the winter months. If no new leaves are growing, it does not need to be fertilized.
  • Protect furniture when watering & fertilizing.
  • When repotting your Fern, use an all-purpose potting mix, with perlite added to ensure good drainage.
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